CXL™ 论坛


8 月 2 日,CXL 联盟和 MemVerge 在闪存峰会上共同举办了一场为期一天的论坛,主题是“CXL:为起飞做好准备”。


CXL™ Consortium Update (文稿)

Siamak Tavallaei, CXL总裁

High Capacity CXL Memory

How CXL Can Improve Computational Storage

Overcome Limitations in Big Memory Processing

Enabling CXL Memory Pooling

Expanding PCIE Storage as Working Memory over CXL

CXL 2.0-based Ene-to-end System for High Performance Memory 


CXL Memory Accelerator Platform Introduction and CXL Interop Demo

Memory Pooling and Expansion Leveraging CXL

Fast Access and Fast Action Drive Real-Time Analytics

Transforming the Data Center with CXL

Introducing CXL Memory Modules (XMMs) for Density and Bandwidth Expansion

Advancing Your CXL Designs with Complete IP Solutions

Composable Memory Panel

Big Memory App Panel 

Transparent Page Placement for CXL Memory

Xconn CXL Switch Overview